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BOOLivia! Olivia turns 4!

I said this on my Instagram page and I will say it again, I CANNOT BELIEVE MY LITTLE OLIVIA IS 4!!!

We didn't have a party, well, because, COVID but I knew I was definitely going to create a special day for her at home!

A lot of you commented on the theme name! The credit goes to my bff Yolande, who is also at the founder and owner of: YVK Events & Design! She thought of it last year and I instantly fell in love with it!

Luckily I had a ton of balloons left over from her first birthday and garland strips to create this gorgeous garland! I always keep a stock of balloons from every birthday I've had for the girls and they certainly always come in handy!

I get a lot of questions about the balloon garland and how I make them and well.. the secret is out! I use garland strips.. I know it's not what the pros use but it makes making balloon garlands a whole lot easier! Another must have tool is an automatic balloon pump!

For $18, you cannot - not have one of these!

I spray painted the tombstones in salmon and lavendar colors. I honestly wasn't planning on using them for her birthday but they worked out perfectly!

The girls wore Plum tutus, I chose black because they are so versatile! We will be using these all spooky season, for sure. I also paired them with a kitty tutu that came with kitty ears for extra cuteness! I took photos both ways.

Now, let's talk cakes! I have a lady that is local to me and she is absolutely phenomenal! If you are ever interested in using her and live in the DMV area, please send me a message and I can reach out to her to see if she is taking new clients. Not only do her cakes look AMAZING; they also taste equally good!

The inspiration behind the cake were the plates and napkins from Ellie & Piper. Once I saw Tina post them to her site, I just knew that these were the color ways I would want to use for Olivia's special day. Tanya (my cake lady), stopped by and picked up a napkin from my house and designed this cake accordingly. She is PHENOMENAL!

Olivia's cake topper is from Fancy Free Finery! I love her etsy shop; she makes the best cake toppers and also has a bunch of other felt goodies on there! She hand makes everything with lots of love which shows in the details. I knew it would add the perfect touch to Olivia's cake!

Now that I mention Ellie and Piper Co, I guess it's a good time to let you know that I literally got almost everything from this party shop. I live for her site! I had to make two visits after her Halloween drop to make sure I got everything I needed and wanted. So here's what I got as listed below:

1) Ghost Napkins

2) Bat Napkins

3) Paper Source plates and napkins

4) Paper cups

5) Utensils

6) Gold webs

7) Gorgeous bat mylar balloon

8) MeriMeri cupcake set

9) A bunch of other stuff not pictured that I plan on keeping in my Halloween arsenal, LOL!

I received a lot of questions regarding the table I used for her cake set up...

Olivia's bedroom is all from Restoration Hardware and although I love them so much I just couldn't bring myself to spend $600+ on a tea party table considering we are in the middle of a pandemic, (even though the table matches her bedroom PERFECTLY)!

I was able to find this one which I thought was so adorable and honestly, the quality is amazing and it's 1/3 of the price so it was a no brainer for me!

Her special day was definitely a hit, next birthday in our household is George's & Sofia's (in January)! I can't want to plan a special day for them as well!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask below in the comments! Until the next post...



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