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Bunny Tart Dessert

I know I have been promising this recipe with a little tutorial on how to make this awesome tart so here it is! I promise you, it's a lot simpler than it looks!

I found the actually tart recipe online and it worked out perfectly! I will warn you that this was my first time and a I had a few cracks in my tart but I was able to cover them up easily with the mascarpone filling and pretty toppings!

The great thing about this tart is that you can make them in any shape or size. I also love that they aren't overly sweet.

I had fun decorating the mini tarts with Fancy Sprinkles! You can use code for CROSSCUTWAY15 for 15% off of your first order!

I made the bunny shape by cutting card stock with my Cricut!

I tapes the circle back to the bunny because I wanted a wider rim for the circle for all the topping and decorations I was planning on adding!

After I rolled out my dough, I used the stencil I made to cut the bunny shape.

After I cut my shape I then used a bowl to cut the middle circle opening.

After I baked both bunny tarts (2 for the layering, sometimes more), I piped it with the mascarpone filling. Then I topped it with the other piece of tart and topped it off with more mascarpone filling.

I really wanted to decorate with macaroons but since that didn't work out, I decorated my tart with fresh spray roses and Jordan almonds. This dessert is ALL the rave and it tastes delicious! Let me know if you end up trying this recipe!



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