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Craft Room Organization

Full disclosure, I didn't complete my entire craft room but I did however finish a huge portion of it and that warrants a blog post!

In this post, I am going to address a lot of the questions I received regarding these drawers. These drawers are called the Alex drawers and I purchased them from IKEA. I got like two of them because I knew I would need them for all my crafting supplies! They were really hard to get in the beginning of quarantine but I lucked out by checking their website every single day. Another great things about these drawers is that they are on wheels. I move them around a lot depending on what I am doing in my craft room so I find that to be super helpful!

Drawer Organizers

I couldn't find my exact ones online but here are some pretty close and they come in white as well as this gorgeous peach!


I received a ton of questions about my felt! These are the ones I normally order and I also added some more to my store front. I just figured out how to cut felt with my Cricut this year and it made me fall in love with felt even more!


I get my vinyl mainly from Michael's. I use siser or Cricut brands normally. I also love the sheets they sell at Michael's. I like to grab a few in every color, especially when they go on sale.

I will be saving all my organizational stories in my highlights and sharing more pictures in the coming weeks!

I cannot wait to share the final product with you all!



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