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Cricut Crafting - Valentine's Day Style

Some of my favorite crafty Mama's and I got together to share some fun Cricut crafts.

I decided to do some fun conversation heart sneakers!

This craft was super easy and super fun. I have a wide collection of vinyl so I already had the colors I needed.

I simply searched "conversation hearts" under images in design space. Uploaded the ones I liked, cut, weeded and then ironed on!

I got my white canvas sneakers from amazon for $18! They're super comfortable and flattering! Watch a quick tutorial here!

Katelyn Showalter @theshowgals

Katelyn made a reverse canvas! I love making canvas signs because they are so fun to hang around the house, especially for seasonal decor!

How cute is this one she made with the red frame and adorable font?! I love that her gorgeous daughters are holding the sign in this picture because they are the epitome of what her creation means! Check out how Katelyn made this here!

Amanda Escoe @amandaescoe

Amanda made some gorgeous garland and a tote bag! I love how she stays away from the traditional Vday colors.

I am such a sucker for reds, pinks and whites when it comes to Vday but I always swoon at the pastel colors that Amanda uses. I love that she didn't make the garland with traditional conversation heart saying and that peace heart garland??? STOP IT! So adorable, check out how she made all these cute garlands and that cute tote bag here!

Hayley Webber @lovedbyhayley

Hayley always makes the most amazing Cricut crafts! She made the most clever Valentine's Day cards with a crayon insert!

These cards are perfect for kids to give to their brothers, sisters, cousins or classmates! Watch how Hayley made these here!

I'll be posting more Valentine's Day inspiration on the blog weekly and daily on instagram! Until then...



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