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Dinner Planning #LifeChanging

I know you feel me when I say this but have you ever gone into the grocery store and found yourself aimlessly walking around grabbing things trying to think of what to make for dinner the next couple of days? In my case it's online ordering from Whole Foods on Prime or getting some essentials from Wegman's on my Instacart app ( major time savers and worth every penny of the membership)!

Last week I decided that instead of ordering a bunch of random stuff to somehow make meals with that I would plan out a weekly menu and order accordingly. This my friends has been a game changer for me.

I found myself more motivated to actually cook and prepare dinner. I found myself not having to make runs to the store for items I didn't think of getting because I had no planned dinner menu!

For week one I used Pinterest to find all the recipes and add the ingredients needed to my cart as I went through.

For week two I grazed the web for some inspiration. Needless to say; this has helped me immensely and has ultimately taken the stress out of the daily question for George "what should I make for dinner?"

I decided that every week I would share my menu and recipes on my blog to streamline things for anyone interested!

We eat mostly a vegetarian diet with the occasional chicken or meat (it took a long time for George to be okay with this but it makes me so happy as I am a vegetarian)!

Below is a menu for the upcoming week. I plan on sharing these every Friday with recipes in tow in order to give you time to order your ingredients for the week!

Beige Weekly Planner
Download PDF • 14.59MB

(Download and print the calendar here)


Creamy Instapot Pasta (can be made without the instant pot)

Taco Bowl Night

Eggplant Lasagna


Build your own veggie wraps is a platter of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, red peppers, cucumbers, sprouts, and whole wheat wraps with an assortment of sauces such as hummus and tzatziki. I usually serve it with garlic pearled couscous. The kids enjoy making their own wraps and its super healthy!

I hope you guys find this helpful and I cannot wait to get some feed back on how this helps you too!



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