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Do You Collect Mugs?

Guys, I have a slight obsession with mugs and not just buying them! I love to decorate the ones I purchase from the Dollar Tree!

Today I am sharing my Valentine's Day mug collection along with two other friends! Displaying mugs has become an art on instagram and I am here for it!

I got these mugs from Homegoods, TJ Max, Wal Mart and Starbucks! The mini ones with lips and cherries I created, along with the matching large dollar tree mug! So fun when you can create your own mugs with your Cricut and some vinyl!

Amanda Escoe @amandaesco

I love Amanda's collection. With every passing holiday I wait in anticipation to see what she will be revealing in her cupboard! She has such a unique vintage style that really resonates with me and a lot of other people. I love all of the different shapes and colors she has! I think that it's super special that she hand paints a lot of them herself! Check out her page for more inspo!

Jen Magic @raisingwades

Jen always has a beautiful display of mugs for every holiday! I love her pastel aesthetic! She also shows a lot of this same aesthetic in all of the desserts she makes (check out her page to see more of that)! I especially love all of her mini mugs (if you can't already tell, I have a thing for mini cups and mugs)! Check out her display below:

Looking forward to collecting more mugs over the years and sharing more with you!



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