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Easy Valentine's Day Mantle Decor

I knew for Valentine's Day (especially during Covid), that I wanted to make it fun for the girls and decorate the house with lots of red and pink! I have a slight obsession with honeycombs so naturally they found their way to my fireplace!

I ordered these honeycomb hearts and they came in a pack of 16. I ordered 2 packs and it was the perfect amount to fill my hearth.

I started by clipping the honeycombs open and then stacking them asymmetrical until I finished both packs. Make sure you alternate colors and shapes - it's key!

My felt garland is from Homegoods but I found something similar to it here. The wooden heart and tassel garland is from Target dollar spot (last year) but I found a similar one here!

My mug is from Starbucks! It was out for the Christmas collection and I actually purchased it after Christmas but I knew that these colors would carry over to Valentine's Day and that they did!

I cannot wait to see everyones Valentine's Day inspired mantles!



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