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Epic Halloween Candy Board

I am a sucker for a charcuterie board so when it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner or CANDY- put it on a board and I am a happy girl! Who doesn't love variety?

I linked all these goodies to my liketoknowit page. I honestly looked for a bunch of pastel candy because you all know how I feel about primary colors but I made and exception for Halloween!

The key to any charcuterie/board is to style it correctly. With this Halloween candy I kept all the matching candies together and made sure I didn't leave any empty space on my plate. Beware of the size board/plate you're using. If you use something large then you will need lots of candy to fill it. My board was about 14"x14".

Another tip is to use a variety of different candy for your board. Make sure you have variations of sizes, colors and shapes to help create dimension (and to help fill the board).

This board is pretty to look at, isn't it?

I hope this inspires you to make a fabulous candy board! I can't wait to see them all :-)



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