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Happy 2021! Greek Style

Happy New Year friends!

Incase you didn't know, my husband George is Greek! In Greek culture you must have the Vasilopita for NYE! You are supposed to cut it at the stroke of midnight and whoever gets the coin will have an abundance of property in the New Year!

My cousin, Nadia, dropped off some of the traditional bread to us (she is always so thoughtful)!

This particular Vasilopita bread is from Stella's Bakery ( a family FAVORITE)! George loves to make French toast out of this sweet bread; it's phenomenal.

But because George loves to cook, he also wanted to make a Vasilopita cake! He found the recipe on "My Greek Dish." I knew it would be good when I saw him beating the egg whites into a meringue and zesting orange peel!

The cake was made by George and decorated by me. I used rosemary and pomegranate seeds for garnish and of course powdered sugar with a 2021 stencil (the appropriate way), to top it off. Check out a quick tutorial here and the full recipe here.

We hope you enjoyed your NYE and pray for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!



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