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Holiday Pajamas - 2021! *The Sale Event*

Hi friends! It's that time of year where I scour the world wide web for holiday pajamas! If you're like me then you love a good deal. I loathe the idea of paying full price for anything so if it's on sale then I am loving it!

I sifted through so many sites to find the best deals for you guys. I linked everything and added some pictures so you can get a better look.

I found quite a few between $15-$20. I at times don't mind spending a little more since I know Olivia gets all of Sofia's hand me downs. I also (depending on the brand) go a size up so we can have them for the following year (as long as the fit isn't sloppy).

You can find the links to all the jammies here and here!

I plan on updating this particular blog as I see more deals come in so stay tuned!



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