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Not sure why Halloween makes me so happy. I've never been one to get dressed up in costumes and go out but something about this time of year brings me a great deal of nostalgia. I think it's the cooler weather, sweaters and the gorgeous foliage we have here in Maryland. I remember walking home from school as a kid and loving the feeling of the brisk cool air and the dark blue skies.

It also marks (unofficially) the beginning of the holiday season. After Halloween comes and goes the other holidays come soon after and then a new year (can't wait for that).

I've been tagging and saving all my favorite Halloween finds on my like to know it site

Can you believe all the goodies above are under $15?!

Did I mention that I am a total sucker for unconventional holiday colors? I love pink and anything pastel for Halloween! I get truly excited thinking of the different ways to decorate for spooky season!!

Also, with Fall literally a week away..I have to show you some of the pajamas I got for Sofia and Olivia. The prints on these jammies are simply adorable and the fabric is outstanding!

These pajamas range in size from infant to little kid! They sell out fast but normally get restocked quickly! I can't wait to see which ones you buy!

I'm going to update my new Halloween finds during the week and will make sure to post them weekly!



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