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I have been a licensed real estate agent for almost 2 decades. I can't believe how much time has quickly gone by! I have learned a lot through hands on experience and I am going to share little tips with you guys on my blog.

On Saturday I took my clients to see a new build nearby. New builds are my absolute favorite because of getting to see brand-new models and getting to look at the plethora of finishes etc.! Who doesn't like to look at custom homes?

I curated a list of things you (if you decide to take a tour without your Realtor), should ask a builder upon viewing and liking a home. There are some questions in here that you probably wouldn't think about if you weren't using an agent so here goes:

  • What is each lot size ?

  • What are the premiums on each of the lots still available?

  • How long will building take?

  • When will the community be ready?

  • What warranties are provided with the house?

  • What are the standard finishes? 

  • Can a deck, back patio or pool be included when building the home?

  • Will there be any community amenities?

  • If permitted to supply your own appliances is a credit given for exercising that option?

  • Is any landscaping included?

  • Does the contract include a cost escalation clause?

  • Will there be an HOA? If yes, what does it include?

  • Are there any financial incentives for using the builder’s preferred lender? 

  • Taxes? 

  • Water source for the community?

Feel free to print these out and bring with you. I suggest bringing a clip board and a pen for your tour.

Happy house hunting!



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