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New Years Eve Cocktails

What's NYE without a festive and delicious drink? I am a champagne kind of gal but I do still appreciate a good cocktail, especially one that looks pretty too!

The Mocktails

How fun is it to curate a drink just for your kids or for someone who doesn't drink? Well that's what Calynn did for her girls! Look how fun and whimsical this rosé drink is!

What's not to love about gummy bears and cotton candy added to a sparkling mocktail? I am going to definitely make these for Sofia and Olivia! See how Calynn made it here!

Another mocktail that I thought was wonderful was one that my friend Jenni made. Something as simple as sparkling cider and a glass rim filled with sprinkles can make a mocktail feel so festive and fun!

I definitely want to try this one for the girls as well! Check out how Jenni made it here!

A Night Cap

My friend Janan Kissler made the best night cap drink of all time. She called it "The Santa Night Cap" but I am going to dub it as the NYE Night Cap!

This drink has two ingredients that really stand out to me because I absolutely love them; the spiced chai and good bourbon. Check out the recipe and more details on her website!

Cocktails for Dessert

My friend Tami O'Malley makes the most delicious chocolate martinis. Not only does it taste amazing but it looks equally stunning.

I love how she makes a hers and his version for her and her husband. The candy cane spoon and cookie stick are the perfect garnish for these martinis! Watch how Tami makes it here!

I hope you find all of these drinks as inspiring as I did and don't forget to drink responsibly :-)



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