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Olivia's Presents // Gift Guide for a 4 year old!

I got a lot of DM's asking what we bought for Olivia's birthday so I decided to do a gift guide!

Olivia asked for three specific things:

1) a VTECH camera (in pink)

2) a Hatchimal

3) an LOL Doll

I cringed at each of these requests because I just simply loathe toys, especially expensive ones. We all know what happens to toys... They end up at the bottom of a closet collecting dust but how can I say no to my little Olivia? I will say though, these toys are super cool.

The VTECH camera has built in games, has photo collage templates, has a selfie mode that automatically takes the picture for you, a video recorder and so much more.

This particular hatcnhimal is really cool! It's totally interactive and it rolls around. Olivia takes care of it like it's her little baby. The Hatchimal's eye color changes and and each color has a meaning. She loves taking care of it!

The LOL doll is fun because it glows in the dark and she loves to change her outfits. It comes with a stand for displaying so, for now, it sits on her dresser.

I also added in two crafting gifts because UMM, HELLO - crafting is life! I prefer arts & crafting gifts over everything obviously and honestly I think my kids do too. They are the gifts that keep on giving until the supplies run out, (lol).

We got her a rock painting kit and also a large clay kit. She has used these every single day since her birthday which makes me super happy!

I hope this helps and as usual if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment space below! Stay tuned as next week I will be rounding up and posting my Christmas gift guide!



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