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Olivia Turns 5!

You guys!! I cannot believe my baby is 5. She's no longer a baby (so cliché, I know).

To be honest we kept her birthday super simple. We were going to have a party for her with close friends and family but decided against it (long story but it was for the best).

On her actual birthday she brought donuts to school for her friends and they had a small celebration there for her.

When she got home I made sure I had her favorite meal ready (she requested spaghetti with meatballs + caesar salad).

I decorated the table with Unicorn everything (simple stuff from Target). After dinner we cut cake and opened her presents.

I cannot believe how happy she was with such a simple and easy birthday. It really made my heart happy to see how grateful and humble my kids are.

We went all out with gifts since we didn't have a huge party for her.

She got unicorn everything and a new dollhouse for her bedroom that I intend on giving a little makeover to :-)

I linked all of her gifts here.

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