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Our Little Pumpkin Turned 1 Birthday Bash

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

It's hard to believe that Olivia's 4th birthday is quickly approaching! Just 3 years ago we were throwing her the most adorable birthday party; my favorite theme and execution to date!

If you know me then you know I absolutely live for the month of October. There is just something special about the crisp fall air, the denim jackets and fluffy sweaters. It gives me major nostalgia ;-)

When I told my best friend and event planner Yolande Kelly that I wanted this theme but without all the typical orange and green colors that come to mind when you think of pumpkins, she quickly recommended we do pastels and I have been obsessed with pastels ever since.

Yolande warned me that this party wouldn't be as easy fete as she had a 350 person baptism the week before and a few other events on her books. Somehow we made it happen. I must have called and text her 500 times a day until the day of the party! I'll never forget venturing out to Michael's together as she packed on the faux pumpkins. See, at this party we had over 140 pumpkins on site. and more than half were REAL!! About 100 pumpkins were hand painted with acrylic paint, some glitter for an extra magical touch. It was totally worth all of the hard work, that's for sure.

The two"naked" cakes on the dessert table turned out magnificent. Yolande topped them herself with flowers from the florals she got for the bouquets and balloon install fillers. The cookies were designed by her and made by an amazing baker that retired recently. The pumpkin cake pops were an adorable touch and the balloon backdrop was something else! All of the dessert was sitting on a table draped in freshly pressed burlap which gave it that Fall feeling but with an incredibly chic touch.

We must have blown up two-thousand balloons. I remember thinking it was better to have more than to not have enough. YVK Events & Design made the circular balloon backdrop by hand with no kind of garland or apporatice to hold the balloons in place. They used dot glue and it was a labor of love. The balloon display in the backyard was also so beautiful. I love how Yolande placed flowers in the balloon display to give it an elegant vibe. It was absolutely stunning!

One thing I love about YVK Events other than constantly making my vision come to life is that they always go against the grain when it comes to certain things. In this party's case it was the "goodie bags." I really wanted to have a pumpkin patch so we got real pumpkins and made an actual patch. The kids were able to pick out their pumpkins then decorate them at tables we had out and then took them home as a souvenir. It was perfect! I think we can all agree that most goodie bags filled with plastic toys and candy get thrown away or lost in a drawer somewhere. This "birthday goodie" was meaningful and lasted the entire season. Countless parents sent me photos of their pumpkins from Olivia's party on their stoops! We also had a TON of mums which added a festive feel to the party. The best part is that I was able to plant them in-ground afterwards since they are perennials - aka money not wasted, LOL!

This party was definitely one of my all-time favorites for so many different reasons. Below are addition pictures from the party. Feel free to leave comments or questions!



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