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Pantry Style

Hi friends! Lets talk pantries. One day I want to have to huge walk in pantry with a separate double oven in there but for now I have to deal with my reach in and I am okay with that!

My cousin Nadia inspired me to get the OXO storage containers when we bought our home and I am so glad she did! I can't stand the look of a cardboard box filled pantry. I love that I can see all my goodies and how clean it looks.

I get a lot of comments about how pricey these containers are and I agree so what I did was wait until Macy's had their huge holiday sale and invested in 3 boxes of the OXO 20 piece set. I say investment because you will have these for the rest of your life and you can add on as time goes! I do get filler pieces from time to time from Home Goods which works great for me!

I also linked some other options for you as well! You can always start small and grow your collection. I know there are a plethora of other containers out there but I can't vouch for them. These have been great for us and keep our dried food and snacks super fresh not to mention my pantry is extremely aesthetically pleasing now!

I made some fun videos of my pantry in REELS and in my stories which I will save in my highlights under "organization.''

Can't wait to see all the other pantry inspo out there!



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