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Sofia turns 6!

I can't believe my babygirl is 6 years old! So cliché to say but the feeling is real!

We haven't really had any get togethers or parties but at our home because of Covid but I still wanted to make her feel extra special!

She requested a fairy themed day and homemade strawberry ice cream cake.

I think her tutu was the perfect outfit for the day! She had a blast wearing it for our little photoshoot!

The Wisteria garland I got turned out perfect. I ordered 4 packs to get this full look. I pinned them up with push pins because that's my craft room and I use that wall for features and photoshoots (I think I told you what the 3M hooks did to my walls)!

As far as her name in the backdrop goes, I simply used my Cricut and card stock to make it! I found a whimsical, fairy like font on design space and created it! No need to spend a ton of money on backdrops you'll only use once!

For Sofia's Strawberry Ice Cream Cake defer to this recipe.

Instead of using chocolate cake mix, I used vanilla and filled with strawberry ice cream! I made my usual whipped cream topping but piped it differently!

Sofia said it was better than the cookies and cream ice cream cake!

I'm looking forward to the day that my both of my girls can have a birthday party again.. until then we will continue to shower them with love and fun at home!



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