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I cannot believe we are a few days away from a New Year, (New Year, New Me - WHO DIS)? I know, I know.. I'm corny but I can't help but be excited about the New Year. Thank goodness for a fresh new start after the year we've had. I think I speak for the collective when I say that I can't wait to leave 2020 behind.

Remember the days when you partied it up for NYE and stayed up all night? Yeah me neither, lol! I like to make NYE all about my girls and husband. We spend the week before crafting and creating for the big day but to be honest, we're usually sleeping WAY before midnight!

I figured now is a better time than ever to share with you some fun and creative NYE crafts that you can try with yourself or with your family. I am featuring some of my favorite creative ladies and their craft ideas below:


Lets start with my friend Katelyn Showalter! She is so talented with all of her DIY's & creations. She made this fun headband for her daughters:

She used a plastic head band, some tinsel and gold pipe cleaner! How simple and cute are these? Sofia and Olivia would absolutely love to make and wear these!!

Watch the tutorial to see how she made these and you can also grab the adorable prints from Olive & Eve, Co.


Speaking of prints, how CUTE are these by my dear friend Sierra Miller?! The best part is that they're free on her blog site! I cannot wait to use the stem tags for my champagne flutes on NYE!!

Between the banners, the glass tags and the pennants - you are set for NYE!


Let's discuss wands, shall we? The disco fever is real with these beauties! I love how Viviana Marino made two different colors of disco ball wands! The details in these are astounding; I am so in love!

Here's another take on a disco ball wand! The star is magnificent and I love that Romina used the classic NYE colors with hers! The yarn and tinsel give it an extra touch of fun that I absolutely adore!!

Pop Champagne!

A few other of my friends came up with a clever idea to dress their champagne bottles up! What a fun DIY! I personally think it's better to gift a bottle of champagne like this than to put it in a gift bag!

How gorgeous is this bottle by Tiffany Wilson?! I mean, are you kidding me? I love the stars and the rosé color of the bottle. It works perfect with the silver and gold accessories! Check out how she made this gorgeous bottle in here!

How about this gorgeous glitter bottle by Dana Goldstein?! Love this and all the details. The disco balls adds the perfect NYE flair to this festive bottle DIY. Check out Dana's highlights to learn how she upgraded this bottle of Champagne!

Lets discuss Jackie's bottle! Simple, elegant and super easy to do. Can you believe this is spray paint?? She also added those beloved Olive & Eve Co. prints I discussed earlier! Check out how she did it here!

The last idea I have for you is from Dana (again)! She came up with the idea of a NYE fun basket and I thought the gesture was brilliant! Who doesn't love a gift basket, let alone one for the the New Year?? She shares exactly what's in this goodie basket here and also, check out the banner by Sierra Miller!

I hope you enjoy crafting is up the last few days before the New Year and I hope that these ideas inspire you now and in the New Year!



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