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Valentine's Day Play Kitchen Reveal

Today some friends and I revealed our Valentine's Day play kitchens! This is definitely one of my favorite things to do and share. I did something totally different today with a rose wall!

Since this is for Vday, I wanted to go all out! I got the faux flowers from amazon. Each rectangle was abut 12x15. I wanted to get enough to block the wall behind the play kitchen! I secretly want a 3-D flower wall somewhere in my home, maybe my craft room (one day)!

We hung them piece by piece using thumb tacks! I know, the horror- but I wasn't willing to use the 3M command hooks because they have ripped my walls on 3 separate occasions! We have to repaint our home soon so we were okay with poking a few hole!

Once we finished with the wall I simply added a few things to the the kitchen since the flower wall itself is a big statement along with the "love" mylar ballon and there you have it! A pretty Valentine's Day play kitchen!

I am also super excited to use this flower wall for photoshoots with the girls!

Sierra Miller @sierralmiller

I am in love with Sierra's kitchen for her babygirl Violet!

The hanging hearts are simply stunning and I also love all the natural light that pours into this room! for more information on how she did this check out he instagram page here!

Amanda Escoe @amandaescoe

My girl Amanda never dissapoints! I love the mix of all the pink and light woods in her play kitchen area; there is something so soothing about it all! I also love how she adds the girls' table to the photo. It adds a different element to the photo reveal! For more information on her play kitchen click here.

Romina @lifewithmylittleone

I absolutely adore her kitchen! BOY MOMS, LISTEN UP!!! Boys can have kitchens too and you can have them decorated for them as well and I think Romina aced it with this cutie pie kitchen!

I love the bold reds she used and all the adorable accessories on display. For more information check her page out here!

Viviana @MakingMarinos

Viviana always makes the most adorable bakeries for her daughters and she did NOT disappoint today! I am IN LOVE with her Peace, Love & Kindness Bakery.

I am obsessed with all of the little treats she made and how gorgeous they came out! For more details on all of these check her page out here!

Jenna @SplashofSouthern

I just love Jenna's play kitchen! Between the new and modern kitchen and the shiplap wall it sits in front of all I can do is swoon and please tell me who doesn't love a good balloon garland??

I also love the signs and prints she has framed for her kitchen! Such a special touch that really brings everything together! To see more check her page out here!

I hope you enjoyed these play kitchens! We have a lot more in the reveal, to check then out head to my stories!

Kelsi Savage @kelsimsavage

I love Kelsi's play kitchen because she always has the most whimsical decor for it! I am completely obsessed with the mylar hearts above it and how open and bright the space is!

I am also in love with the rug, chair and Kind & Cuddle dolls! For more check out Kelsi's page here!

Addie Taylor @twolittletaylors

Addie has a daughter and a son and I think she knocked this kitchen out of the park for them! I love all the accessories and hanging baskets!

Can we discuss that super cute rotary phone?? For more on this kitchen check out her page here!

Shannon Howell @howellgals

Shannon made over her kitchen and I completely love it! All the wall hangers definitely complete this space as well as all the accessories!

The doggie bowl are the bottom are simply adorable! For more check out Shannon's page here!



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