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Water Table Face Lift

Most moms aren't bothered by the primary colored toys that fill their homes and play rooms but NOT this Mom! I decided to take my girls water table and turn it into something a little more feminine and modern.

If you are familiar with Little Tikes toys, you'll know that they normally come in colors like the picture below:

Listen, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with primary colors - I think they're great; especially for boys! But for me I want something a little more aesthetically pleasing for my girls... Something that matches their style and play areas so I decided to give this baby a face lift using spray paint I already had in my arsenal!

Luckily I had all purpose Krylon spray paint in storage. Make sure if you don't use the kind I linked that you use spray paint that says it bonds to plastic or else it wont work. Another important tip: make sure that whatever plastic toy you want to refurbish is extra clean. Failing to clean in properly will also prevent the spray paint from bonding to the plastic.

I spray painted all the pieces separately in my garage. I did about 3 full layers. I chose to do the legs and most of the accessories a glossy/matte ( I ran out of the white gloss) and the body of the table a blush pink (kind of like my logo).

I can't stress enough how important it is to do at least 3 layers of spray paint so that the previous colors are completely muted leaving you with a smooth new color.

I was able to get this all done in one day and the following day my girls were able to enjoy their refurbished water table!

This really is an easy project for anyone to do. So many Mothers private messaged me about how I did this so I hope this post helps!

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